Our Network

Unmetered Server currently has a substantial presence within the Canix facility in Montreal. Our high quality network "premium" is routed by our own BGP to Level 3, Teleglobe, Global Crossing, Tiscali, nLayer Communications, Videotron, Deutsche Telekom and many more. Each of our Cisco routers is paired to ensure network robustness and redundancy. Our network has been deployed with Ipv6 support. This network is well adapted to handle any hosting requirements.

Our Network Infrastructure

Our Network Infrastructure

Speed Test Files

10 MB 100 MB 1000 MB
Unmetered Server Network 10MB_Test.bin 100MB_Test.bin 1000MB_Test.bin

Traceroute From Our Network

Feel free to take a look at how your traffic is routed from our network. Simply enter an IP or domain to view the results.

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